Escort Forum forms part of the Big Black Book network. Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to helping you find the perfect adult service provider. As our network continues to grow, we offer you another niche platform to advertise your services and business.

Banner Advertising

There are currently 2 banner positions available on the homepage for your banner advertisement. Both these positions only allow 5 unique banners in rotation and are booked per month and paid in advance.

Top Banner – R450 per month
Sidebar Banner – R300 per month

To book your banner advertisement, click here to contact us.

Sponsored Sticky Posts

Sponsored sticky posts are affordable upgrades to increase your posts’ visibility, pushing your ad near the top of the list and attracting more replies (and potentially clients). Only the homepage and city categories display sponsored sticky posts and are capped at 5 spots per city, per week (1 city, 7 days).

City Category – R100 per week*
Homepage Add-on – R150 per week**


Follow these 3 easy steps to have your sponsored sticky post activated quickly.

1. Start by creating / finishing up your post.
2. Come back here and fill in the form below.
3. Make payment with the correct reference.

And that’s it.
If you need any assistance, we’re here to help 🙂

Sponsored Sticky Posts Terms & Conditions
*City category is charged per city, per week and must be in the location you have posted. The “All in South Africa” location category is not considered a city.
** Homepage add-on is an upgrade to your city category sponsored sticky post. This means that your post will be near the top on both the homepage and in your city.  Currently, the “All in South Africa” location category is not available for sponsored sticky posts.