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Updated on 6 May 2016 in Cape Town
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1 hours ZAR 1500
5 / 6 hours ZAR 3000
Overnight ZAR 6500
Weekend (2 nights) ZAR 10500
Long weekend ( 3 or 4 nights) ZAR 8500 / 1 Week ZAR 15,000
Contact. .0613860697

About Me:
Kay has lived in Cape Town for 4 years, lives in an out of the Big Apple He is an escort for 8 years now besides being a freelance network engineer, Holding a degree in mining engineering Arts and having lived in metropolises such as pretoria, sandton and Durban, he has always attracted sophisticated clients.

I am told a have a wicked sense of humour and one thing is for sure im open minded, very faithful and honest, no drama

Due to his education and travel experience Kay can entertain his clients either on hour bases or for overnights, long weekends and when booked for long travels. From full time one to one experiences to only romantic escorting, customer satisfaction is always his priority.
He is very well at role play and if you have a situation to be filled in, he would make one of the best candidates to consider

Kay speaks English fluent, xhoza and Italian little and holds international driving licenses for automobiles.

Could be an indoor gentlemen in suit or an outdoor adventurist according to request. Good cook, swimmer and loves to make people laugh.

Capable of travelling within or outside South Africa.

Have been several times to extreme destinations such as Mexico, Mali / Timbuktu, Shanghai, Tibet, Jaipur as well as all over Europe.

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